About the Founder

Anne-Marie is a gypsy-spirited woman whose always been intrigued by ancient cultures, architecture and spirituality. She feels happiest when traveling the world and connecting with people. Anne-Marie realized her passion for travel at an early age and discovered that it felt natural to see the whole world as her home.

She began her travels as a child on family vacations in the 1970’s. Those trips took her to glorious natural, cultural and man-made sites of the United States, like Mesa Verde, the Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore and Grand Tetons National Park. Her desire to travel surpassed all else and took her to Australia where she lived for 3 years. She returned to the United States in 1989 taking the long way around and traveling through Indonesia, Thailand, Nepal, India, Pakistan, Turkey and Europe.

Her philosophy of oneness with all that is remains at her core. It has been her long-standing desire to operate a global import company working together with artisans, express her bohemian nature, travel and feature inspired works often created by centuries old traditions.