Overnight Bags for Women That Set You Apart from the Crowd

In Search of the Best Overnight Bag for Women (and Men) of Many Styles
Best overnight bags for women and men


Planning your next weekend getaway? It’s time to upgrade your weekend bag!

Much as we'd all love to be jetting off to Europe for 10 days at a time, the average
American doesn't have the time (or quite often, budget) for more than one or two major
getaways a year. Overnights and weekends, on the other hand? Those we can do. But
even the chronic overpackers among us can admit that nothing feels sillier and unromantic than schlepping your roll-aboard along on an overnight or 48-hour trip.

Whether it’s full leather or combined with artisan textile, OneLove Global Imports overnight bags for women and men adds a whole new dimension to your luggage game:
unparalleled style and sophistication. And upgrading your overnight bag — a vital piece in every traveler’s luggage collection — to a classic leather piece will make that one- or two-night getaway even better.

Travel bags from OneLove Global Imports are sophisticated, often one-of-a-kind, practical and loaded with cultural traditions making them the overnight bag that sets you apart from the crowd.

Best overnight bags for women

First up and our most popular - The Yara duffle is an excellent choice as your go-to
overnight bag. Each duffle has a sense of its own character beginning with an up-cycled, one-of-a kind wool kilim carpet from the Berber Tribes of the Atlas Mountains. Suitable for women or men; far from commonplace, this extraordinary bag is truly unique. Durable and eye-catching, the Yara overnight bag is well suited for your weekend getaways as well as local trips to yoga class or the gym. Your Yara duffle will quickly become your favorite and remain so for many years!

Recently featured by American Express Essentials Magazine, the Yara duffle is The
Capacious Carry-On – No more boring hard-case, assembly-line carry-ons. If bohemian
opulence is your jam, consider this eye-catching, artisan-made kilim and leather duffel
crafted from a tribal wool rug. It’s sophisticated and roomy - stylish enough for a weekend jaunt yet incredibly practical. Toting it around would be statement enough”.

This unique overnight bags for women gem crafted from striking hand-woven vegetable dyed wool with soft Moroccan leather, Yara is a simplistic and sophisticated overnight bag for women and men that will turn heads wherever your weekend takes you. Complete with two end pockets, spacious interior compartment and zip pocket, this overnight bag is more than ample for overnight necessities. The detachable shoulder strap adds an additional carrying option for comfort and ease.

The bold, bright colors of the Berber tribal kilim carpets are sure to liven up even the
dreariest of black-roll-aboard-packed overhead bins. It’s a fun option for a traveler who’s
not afraid to make a statement.

Best overnight bags for women

Next up – Michelle Overnight Bag. If classic chic is more your mode, our latest artisan
creation, Michelle is sure to please. This stunningly beautiful overnight bag for women is luxurious and more than generous for a weekend getaway. Artisan crafted from handloomed silk brocade, using time honored Moroccan traditions passed on from mother to daughter for centuries, this overnight bag for women also features buttery soft glove leather, exterior zip pocket, two liberal interior zippered pockets, removable shoulder strap and brass feet. Cheerful and feminine, the Michelle overnight bag is sure to perk up even the waking nightmare that is often the modern airport experience.

True to OneLove’s brand aesthetic, the Michelle overnight bag for women is the perfect
balance of sophisticated and resilient. And it’s tougher than it looks: the leather and
brocade exterior is durable enough to take a beating and the textured geometric pattern
will mask scuffs or stains.

Selecting Your Leather Overnight Bag to Last Forever

Finally - enter the unsung workhorse of every traveler's luggage collection: The leather
overnight bags for women. The ideal pick is not too big (or it'll weigh you down) and not too small (or
you won't be able to fit extra shoes), sturdy enough that you won't need to baby it, and
stylish enough that you'll feel confident hauling it to beach bungalows, mountain cabins,
city apartment rentals, and wherever else your weekend travels take you.

Best overnight bags for women

Eastwood Overnight is handsome and sets you apart from the crowd with its rich details and retro-style. This overnight bag is classic and sleek, yet rugged. Its metal frame opens wide to make packing and unpacking easy. Constructed from thick, brown leather this everpopular overnight bag has a cool yet classic look but with plenty of space for your stuff. Our go-with-anything Eastwood Overnight bag has a silhouette that feels classic yet modern.

Though it’s technically made for men, this minimalist bag from OneLove Global Imports
would look just as good with sleek stilettos as with a polished brogue. The Eastwood
workhorse bag counts everyday and global citizens among its devotees. With an interior zip pocket for organizing your stuff, a drop-strap that makes hauling it around easy, and bronze feet for durability, it’s a practical pick for long weekend excursions.

The Eastwood Overnight bag brings utility and style in equal measure, and its relaxed-chic look is the icing on the cake, not to mention the soft leather acquires a nice patina with age.


OneLove’s Overnight Bags for Women Hits the Sweet Spot of Form and Function

Whether you’re packing up and hitting the road for a quick weekend getaway or bringing
an overnight bag as a piece of your luggage set for a longer journey, it’s key to have
something to pack up just the necessities.

There are bountiful styles of overnight bags out there, but finding the one that suits your style and needs requires a little thought and planning. This bag needs to be big enough for a couple outfits, toiletries, and a few other odds and ends, but small enough to take up minimal space in a car or aircraft overhead compartment. Plus, no one wants to end the weekend with sore shoulders, so compact and easily carried is the name of the game.

OneLove Global Imports hits the mark with bags for women and men. Our
selection is sure to score points in the department of unique style without skimping on utility. For a timeless look and heirloom-quality construction, you can’t get better than OneLove Global Imports bags for women and men. So grab your new, favorite overnight bag, and start scoping out your next weekend digs.

Don’t be fooled by the affordable price tag: OneLove Global Imports bags can stand up to years of wear and tear. Roomy enough for a weekend getaway, but not too huge to be impractical for everyday use — stash your work essentials plus a spare set of exercise clothes so you can take an impromptu spin class without lugging a gym bag around.

OneLove Global Imports is proud to feature functional ethically made leather and wool
products beautifully handmade in Morocco. Connecting these traditional artisans with new markets and paying fair trade prices, perpetuates the superb artistry of the Moroccan and Berber peoples, while improving their lives and community.

Consider overnight bags for women from OneLove Global Imports; rich with history, color, texture and pattern as a gift to inspire the free-spirited wanderer in your life.